"Life is a blessing and each and everyone is destined to greatness. Sometimes, we just need to be a little more mindful to find our path. This is why we have yoga” 

Charlie X. 

Yoga & Spirituality

"Yoga helped me find that awareness, which allowed me to grow emotionally, mentally and physically into the person I am today.  I want to help others find their own path through this journey of self-discovery, growth

and love

Charlie X. - Yoga

Originally from Canada and having lived in the UK and the Netherlands prior to HK, Charlie is a yoga teacher who is passionate about holistic health & wellness with the ability to converse fluently in multiple languages including English, French and Mandarin while being able to understand different cultural backgrounds from her broad international experiences.


Through her own practice and personal experience, Charlie believes the benefits of yoga extend way beyond the mat as how we truly believe at Dee Dream Life.  A complete practice allows you to become more mindful of the environment and energy around and how you can benefit from finding that awareness, which works to elevate your life to another level physically, mentally and spiritually. 


Everyone has a purpose. It is often confusing to navigate the busy work life, and we can feel disoriented. Especially with the overwhelming ups and downs of 2020. This is why she’s here - to help you find time to care for yourself, to be compassionate toward your mind and body, to find mindfulness through your yoga journey.  Begin and grow in your physical, mental and emotional health & wellness journey here under her guidance and the warmth of our community at Dee Dream Life. 


  • Yoga (RYT200 accreditation)

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga at WeWork

  • Guided Meditation

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Power Sequences

  • Yin Sequences

  • 26 Sequences Hot Yoga

  • Yoga Sculpt

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