Classes can be combinations of 2 or more types of classes.

DEE DANCE & TONE® - Come dance to fun and fitness in this simple to follow and calorie burning class that is suitable for all levels and makes you work while having a dance party with your favourite Pop, Latino and Bollywood songs! You can request for your favourite songs too! Workout has never been so easy and fun before!


  • A great variety of songs to dance to ranging from Latin, Hip Hop, Pop, K-Pop, Bollywood and more..

  • Option of using light dumbbells (buy from Decathlon) 0.5kg-1.5kg recommended (or DIY water bottles)

  • Allows everybody to dabble their feet into dancing and fitness no matter what level of fitness and dance background

  • No moves to memorise means no stress of a normal dance class

  • Easy to follow steps

  • Open for all ages with low to high intensity options

  • Fun dance party environment

  • Effective weight loss in a fun and addictive way

  • Stress relief from music and dance movements

CARDIO HIP HOP - Get fit, have fun and feel fabulous like you are in a club as we dance to a great variety of rhythms of Hip Hop, Pop, K-Pop, Latin Reggaeton, R&B, Bollywood and more! A dance cardio workout to uplifting modern contemporary music hits to give you a fun, intense and complete workout. Easy to follow and high number of repetitions for all steps so you can relax and enjoy the dancing instead of stressing to memorise all moves.  (INTENSITY: VARIOUS)


  • Get fit, have fun and feel fabulous like you are in a nightclub

  • Learn sexy and fun dance moves to the trendiest songs 

  • High impact movements ensures good workout and body sculpting

  • Can use moves learned while in dance club

  • Easy to follow moves

  • High number of repetitions

  • No stress, relax and enjoy dancing

  • No need to memorise moves

  • Open for all ages with low to high intensity options

  • Stay up to date to the latest hip hop dance moves and music

DEE DANCE FITNESS - Come dance yourself to fitness! We work you hard while dancing and partying to the greatest party hits, including current chart toppers and hits from before that are played in clubs and bars!  Easy to follow steps and high number of repetitions where you don't have to stress yourself to memorise moves. Just enjoy listening to the music and keep moving, shaking and dancing yourself to fitness!  (INTENSITY: VARIOUS)

​KIDS FUN FITNESS CLASS- When creating FunFit Class, our main goal was to give children the freedom and opportunity to gain confidence. Have fun while working out with your class Instructor! Exciting and challenging cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength training exercises that help to increase balance, coordination, focus, and functional strength.

​BOLLYWOOD BLEND FITNESS - If you're fascinated about the sounds and sights of Bollywood then join us to experience some Desi moves and Latka Jhatkaas cocktailed with Bhangra, semi classical and jazz moves. Combining Bollywood with fitness including dance cardio, stretching and toning. Enjoy the beauty of traditional Indian dance moves while burning out the calories.


POUND FIT® - Pound Fit is the world's first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energising and sweat dripping fun of playing the drums! It is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses.  Strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer dream body.  (INTENSITY: MEDIUM/HIGH)

FATBURN + TONING - 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Fatburn and 30 minutes of muscle toning (high impact, low intensity) to get your perfectly TONED and SHAPED body while listening to awesome music!

TONE2MUSIC- Get your perfectly TONED and SHAPED body while listening to awesome music! You won’t even realise you are working real hard to get your dream body shape from head to toe while you improve your core strength, flexibility and posture. This class combines movements in yoga, pilates, ABT (Abs, Butt, Thighs) training to give you a complete body workout. Open to all levels and also great for those rehabilitating from injuries.

yoga & meditation

CORE/DYNAMIC /GENTLE/VINYASA FLOW YOGA - Work through a  flow yoga class where you learn to synchronise your breath to you movements gracefully and indulge in this continuous flowing practice of Asanas to achieve greater flexibility, core strength and better posture while gaining mindfulness, mental focus and relaxation.  Open level class, but complete beginners of yoga are advised to first join an Ishta Yoga class before attempting this faster pace class.

ISHTA YOGA - Ishta means individualised in Sanskrit.  Enjoy this energetic and holistic yoga class where you will learn the various aspects of Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga including yoga physical postures (Asana), guided Kriya meditation, Yoga principles (Yama and Niyama), breathing control techniques (Pranayama) and yogic sleep/guided meditation (Yoga Nidra).  The acronym ISHTA also stands for Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda, and was co-created by the famous Yoga Master, Alan Finger and Sarah Platt-Finger, private yoga teacher of Dr. Deepak Chopra.

HATHA YOGA WITH LIVE MUSIC MEDITATION - Experience this wholesome, complete and unique yoga class where you will flow through your yoga postures (Asana) for 40 minutes, learn some breath control techniques (Pranayama) for 5 minutes and finish with a guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) for 15 minutes with a classical pianist and musical composer that takes you into a meditation that is so relaxing.

RESTORATIVE YOGA - Restorative Yoga helps you to stretch out the body, unwind and relax the mind. Great for after lots of intense exercises done or just after a long day or week of tiring work. Helps to prepare you for a good night of rest and sleep. Class combines deep tissue massage Yin Yoga poses which are held for 3-5 minutes each, along with guided breathing techniques (pranayama), simple gentle stretches, twists and bends with some guided meditation to peaceful and calming music.

PRANAYAMA - prana means "vital energy" in Sanskrit; pranayama is the practice of different breathing techniques that will enable one to draw in more pranic energy (positive and vital energy) that allows you to be more energetic, relaxed and calm - a great way to ease into meditation or deep relaxation after a long hectic day.

PRE-NATAL YOGA - yoga for pregnant women all all trimesters, we also are able to conduct classes that help induce labour. Classes combine basic exercises, breathing techniques, chanting to activate and relax pelvic floor muscles and guided meditation to establish and strengthen connection of mother with baby.

YOGA NIDRA - Nidra means sleep in Sanskrit; Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep where a yoga teacher uses techniques to bring students down into deep relaxation and sleep while working on cleansing and purifying mind, body and spirit so that you leave feeling more relaxed, positive and energetic while being healed from any past scars, wounds and pain in the body, mind and spirit. A very powerful tool to help elevate one's consciousness and maximise life potential, work and athletic performance.