Dee Oh, founder and owner of Dee Dream Life, has taught students from all walks of life in public classes, private events and large public events across various disciplines including Zumba, Zumba Kids, Cardio Funky Hip Hop, Pound Fit, Ishta Hatha Yoga, Yoga Kids, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Stretch & Tone, Dee Dance Fitness, Life Coaching and Career Coaching while also devoting her time to mentoring and training other instructors. She left investment banking to start Dee Dream Life in 2016, with the mission to spread health, fitness and fun to all members of society, including the underprivileged through the pioneering of a tiered pricing system that enables all participants to choose the price they pay based on their financial situation.


Some of the large events she has taught in include:

Zumba, Dance Fitness and Cardio Funky Hip Hop for Adults and Kids 

    • Iris Your Escape in Parisian Macau event organised by HK's largest yoga, fitness & wellness event organiser

    • Iris Your Escape, Hong Kong's Largest Fitness & Wellness Festival

    • Iris Ngong Ping 360 at Big Buddha in Lantau

    • K-11 Wellness - K-11 is one of HK's largest shopping complexes and the world's first "Museum-Retail" concept & a hybrid model of art and commerce

    • Chinese International School (CIS) orientation weeks

    • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Campus Wellness Week 2018

    • Calvin Klein Performance Charity Event 

    • 360 Wellness Event at Lee Gardens 

    • WeWork and LinkedIn corporate events


  • Pound Fit Certified Instructor - one of the first Pound Fit instructors in Hong Kong

    • Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Staff Conference July 2018

    • K-11 Mall Wellness Event

    • Featured in Sing Tao Daily Newspaper (the largest Chinese newspaper in HK)


  • Yoga for adults and kids

    • Iris Your Escape, Hong Kong's Largest Yoga, Fitness & Wellness Festival

    • Discovery Montessori School Weekly Yoga

    • Fun Fitness Classes

    • Vinyasa Yoga

    • Yoga Nidra/Yogic Sleep

    • Guided Meditation

    • Pranayama/breath control

    • Ayurveda Diet and Nutrition 


  • Life Coaching

    • Career Coaching

    • Financial Management Coaching

    • Relationship Coaching

    • Health & Wellness Coaching


  • University Student Tutoring at The University of Queensland (1st year up to Masters Level)

    • Microeconomics 

    • Macroeconomics

    • Corporate Finance

    • Mathematics - Statistics and Quantitative Methods

    • Accounting


  • Wells Fargo Debt Capital Markets Investment Banking Associate - Wells Fargo is the 2nd largest bank in the world by market capitalisation


  • Macquarie Group Treasury Executive, Sydney - Macquarie is a global diversified financial firm, Australia's top ranked mergers & acquisitions adviser and the world's largest infrastructure asset manager


  • The University of Queensland (UQ) International Undergraduate Scholarship Holder with the Bachelor of Economics, Commerce (Honours) - UQ is ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world and top 5 universities in Australia (QS World University Rankings)


  • Sunway College Cambridge A Levels

    • Most Outstanding Student Award

    • Best Student Award in Law

    • Best Student Award in Accounting

    • Best Student Award in General Paper

    • Class Valedictorian of Graduating Year

    • Monash Award of Excellence






"Fitness and fun should be affordable and accessible to all members of society. Dee Dream Life aims to make fitness fun, affordable and accesible for ALL regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, wealth, etc. 


Dee Oh

Founder of Dee Dream Life

"I left my career in investment banking to build my own organisation on what I am passionate about, which is to inspire, motivate and help all achieve physical, mental and emotional health and wellness so they can maximise their potential and live their dream lives" 

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