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How to join?

  • Download Zoom App (Zoom Cloud Meetings)

    • On laptop, TV screen, iPad, phone or similar device - the larger screen the better​

    • If unable to download, you can access using browser version but be prepared for potential lower quality

  • Register an account​ on Zoom

  • WhatsApp 63344266 your email address login

  • Book a class by WhatsApp - Please specify the exact class, time and date of class

  • An email will be sent to all registered participants around 30 minutes before each class 

  • Classroom will be opened around 15 minutes before class

  • Please click on the link to access the room as early as possible to solve all technical setup issues

  • Please ensure that your Zoom app is logged in using the same email that you have provided for registration as only authorised users are allowed in the room

frequently asked questions (faq)

​Question: Does each class have a different meeting invitation link?

Answer: Yes

​Question: What should I do if I do not receive an email around 30 minutes before class?

Answer: Firstly, check your junk email folder. If still not there, please WhatsApp 63344266 immediately

​Question: What if my internet connection is not strong enough?

Answer: Try to turn off your own video and audio and just watch and listen to the class.  To communicate to teacher and classmates, you can text using Chat box.

Online Streaming Classes

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