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Let's All Feel Beautiful and Sexy Today

Let's all feel beautiful and sexy today regardless of the size of our jeans... Women and men should feel amazing about their own bodies and not be ashamed for having their own shapes and sizes... I was always a chubby kid and even until now I have more than average body fats that most fitness instructors but I try my best to not let anyone put me down for this because people can just be so harsh especially when they are trying to bring you down when you have accomplished something...

I remember being called the "fat pig" while my "friends" in school were the "slim pigs"... School days were terrible for me as I was bullied by many for my looks and was nicknamed "cabbage" for my hair that was too short and naturally frizzy... I was also the most targeted because I always had the best school results...

I used to hide in the toilets during recess break as I felt ashamed of myself and couldn't face the social scene of the school as I was a social misfit... This morning when I saw this picture I couldn't help but recall all the painful memories being a larger than average kid and being bullied, constantly reminded and laughed at for it... Here at Dee Dream, I want to strongly urge all to stand tall today and feel beautiful about yourselves regardless of the size of your waistline

Then you may ask, if it is totally ok to be a bit overweight, why do I bother to motivate myself and others to exercise so much? Well, it is really for health and exercise also stimulates the release of endorphins that makes you relief stress and feel awesome and fabulous after!

At Dee Dances, we believe that nobody should be judged for their looks and fitness levels when they come to join us in our dance and fitness classes... Therefore, it is my mission to create a safe, warm and friendly environment for all to exercise, express themselves and make friends in a healthy and happy community...

Please share this post if you strongly believe that we should all feel safe and not be judged about their bodies!

Love Always!


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