Some People Wait A Lifetime For A Moment Like This...

Updated: Mar 12

The title of my post today is inspired by Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol winner who sang had her dreams made come true when she won the singing competition with that song called "A Moment Like This"... Watching this video made me tear up as you can see how amazing and incredulous she felt when her dreams had finally started to come true... This week I started to feel this "Moment Like This" and I can't help but write about it as my real dream is to make others' dreams come true and for them to experience this "moment like this"

It is 2AM in HK.... I am sleepless even though I didn't sleep for more than 4 hours last night as I was tirelessly working on a proposal... The most exciting and amazing thing I possibly could be working on... That one special thing that could be the turning point of my life and my dreams for Dee Dream and Dee Dances and most importantly, for the so many people across Asia that I could impact with this new expansion possibility!

I so wish I could share with all of you what it is about, but I cannot yet for fear I may jinx myself as I do have the habit of blabbering things out of excitement and then they not coming true and me feeling quite so heartbroken...

I am only human... I am just like all of you out there... Many things, that may seem so easy for me to achieve as you look at me in a dance and fitness class or as I easily brush things off nonchalantly, are actually things I have taken many years to overcome and still persevere everyday to try to

I am very touched by the number of students and friends and ex-colleagues and family members who have read my blog posts and told me to keep writing... It is nice to know that my ramblings are being read and appreciated somehow... I told myself that I had to come up with content every single day, as how I pushed myself before to come up with new songs and dance choreography every single day

I then told myself that I had to carefully come up with themes and ideas and thoughts on what to write on each post... In the end, all the perfections that I had intended in my mind became my biggest obstacles

Today, after a beautiful loving yoga class with my dear old friend who I used to work with in the investment bank before I left to start Dee Dream, I really started to feel this deeper connection with my inner self again... Her class has made me fallen in love back with yoga again because it helped me feel self realisation on a deeper level again, albeit it being only a 45-minute class which I was late for 10 minutes!

I decided to take a more "go with the flow" approach in life (yes, even more than I already am normally!)... I will just turn on my laptop at night and just write whatever comes to mind on my blog... A diary, journal, blog entry... whatever you want to call it

What do I feel now? Listen to your body... This is what I learned in my many years of practising yoga in Brunei, Australia and now Hong Kong... Connecting with your body and listening to it gives you the most meaningful insights... your intuition, instincts, gut feeling, your belly, your mind, your different body parts... they all constantly send signals to your brain about something they feel and need and want... Then we need to try decipher what those

This is how I dance everyday in classes... my choreography may have been set before class sometimes or may not have been set... I just listen to my body and try to connect my body to the music and how I feel at the moment...

Today when I asked my friend Delia about what music she used for her class as I loved it, she told me that she uses different music depending on how she feels... Now it just hit me that I have been stressing out so much everyday about curating the best playlist for my dance classes and making sure I include as many different songs as per some rules I have set for myself and what my students request for me to play as well

This has actually started slightly robbing me off the joys of dancing... yesterday, for the first time I told my class that I would play whatever I feel like playing during my "request time"... I just turned on which ever songs I thought of at the time and even danced to a song with no preset choreography... It just brought me back to my days of dancing in the clubs where I just let go and danced whatever I wanted

The feeling was amazing... I felt more alive in the class than ever before! And I am sure my students felt that love and passion and feeling of liberation that was pouring out of me to them too!

So why don't we all start to just let go of life and just let things flow according to the rhythm of the beat? Do whatever you feel like whenever you feel like, eat what you feel like eating, dance like nobody is watching and love like there is no tomorrow because some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this <3

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful time of rest while this little busy bee is up working, working, working like Rihanna's booty shaking ;)

Love, hugs & kisses

Dee Oh


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