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Discover Your Dreams

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

What are your dreams? Do you even know what your dream life would be like if you had a chance to create it? Do you even remember what you used to love to do before you got sucked into the cycle of working everyday and routines on the weekends?

Dreams should not be confused with fantasies. Dreams are attainable, fantasies are pure illusions that are unattainable. To fantasise living on the moon for example (some do believe this can be a dream come true!) but for now, let’s not dream of this yet as it is not a realistic goal in mind.

How do you discover or re-discover your dreams again? You need time to yourself to think and dig deep into your heart and soul to understand what makes you truly happy. One way is to reflect back when you were a child and what were your dreams back then…

Did you use to want to be a football player? A dancer? An artist? A musician? A writer? Write down all your thoughts, large and small that may constitute your dream life. Draw a mental image of your dream life, include as many details as possible…

Don’t let anything or anyone put a dent on these dreams… don’t let your inner negative voice tell you “It’s too late”, “You can’t do that”, “This cannot come true”… Often, it is you that is your biggest enemy!

What are you good at? What are you happiest doing with your time? What makes your face, heart and soul shine like a bright light?

Take your time and fully indulge in this reflection that could take days, weeks, months, years… The process of discovery is as much a part of the journey as achieving the goals. Seek help from those who know you well and perhaps they may help shed some light on what they have known and seen you to be good and happy doing…

Try as many different things as you can… You never really can be sure if something is really for you until you have given it a good try. Sometimes you may think that something is it, but actually it is not or a variation of it is for you.

For example, I met a guy once who told me he was very good a tennis player but as he was seeking his destiny and dream life, he didn’t think of being a tennis player as an option as he “simply wasn’t good enough”… well, I am not here to tell you that if you are not talented enough to pursue the path of being a tennis player that you should persist regardless of the obvious signs…

Instead, what this guy ended up discovering was that he was very passionate about following the live updates of tennis matches and the players. So what he ended up working on was to be a self-made tennis commentator. He started hitting Twitter and social media and recorded himself commentating on different tennis matches…

Fair to say that now this man has turned himself into a professional tennis commentator and is living his dream life of travelling around the world watching the sport he loves the most while being hired to provide commentaries on the game, with a good follower base that admires, respects and values the knowledge and passion he shows towards the sports.

Til Next Time, Dee Dream

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