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Say YES to Opportunities!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

So, how does one find opportunities for themselves to start something new? This may seem like a big search to many. Do you need to go searching high and low for them?

Well, from my humble experience, opportunities do come to you almost everyday if only you were aware of them when they arrive. For example, when you have been invited to go for a coffee with someone and that person has another friend coming along… or that party that you have been asked to go to with a friend, or a random stranger that starts a conversation with you on the street!

These are all opportunities hiding within places and people. If only you would start saying yes to all of them and see where each takes you to! When you say no to trying new things, meeting new people or joining a new activity, you are essentially saying no to potential opportunities.

And then you wonder why you don’t have any opportunity at hand and where to get them… You enrol yourself in courses, meet-up groups and networking events to look for them… but those that come to you through different channels randomly while you are taking a walk down the grocery store, you say no to!

When opportunities come your way, it doesn’t stay for long usually. You either grab it with both hands and roll with it or let it slip away… So the next time you have someone ask you “Hey, do you want to do this with me or come here with me or go meet this person with me?”, say YES I would love to!

Go with a positive mind, open eyes and ears for the next opportunity that is around the corner. Let the wind blow you to the next best thing in your life. Be open to new ideas, opportunities and possibilities 🙂

Til Next Time, Dee Dream

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