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Yoga Coach

Karmen was keen on dancing when she was a child, and has learnt different dance styles including Chinese dance, Contemporary dance and Latin dance. Unfortunately, she had to give up her dream of becoming a dancer due to a serious back injury 10 years ago. During the 200RYT Hatha Yoga training, she rediscovered the joy of letting the body flow with the music and accepted the unique characteristics of her body through yoga.

Later, she continued to study different sound healing courses, including singing bowls, tuning forks and ocean drums, to utilize those sounds in the meditation section and act in concert with the yoga classes.

She hopes that students can achieve harmony, health and mind, body and spirit balance in her lesson.

Karmen is good at teaching parent-child yoga and kids’ yoga. She is the first yoga teacher in HK to be qualified by the Mini Me Yoga program which accredited in the UK. Fostering happiness, wellness and mindfulness in the daily life of both adult and children through the practice of yoga and its philosophy is her mission statement.

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