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Mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders in childhood can cause long-term problems that may affect the health and well-being of children, families, and communities. Treating a child’s mental health problems as soon as possible can help children reduce problems at home, in school, and in forming friendships. It can also help with healthy development into adulthood.

Signs Your Child Needs Professional Social Skills Life Coaching Help

  • Your child is dealing with a stressful situation in life, such as bullying, a health problem, divorce, a new sibling, a move to a new city or school, inability to make friends, self esteem issues, temper tantrums, emotional swings, depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, etc.

  • Your child’s problems seem to be getting worse with age, instead of better

  • Tantrums last longer than what you would normally expect, or your child gets destructive or hits people when angry

  • You notice big personality changes in your child: for example, your child spends most of the day in his/her room and has dropped out of school activities

  • Your child’s anxiety seems bigger and different than other kids his/her own age, and it is interfering with activities like school, homework, meals or bedtime

  • It is harder for your child to make and keep friends

  • Your child’s grades are dropping, or she is frequently having trouble with her behaviour or paying attention in class

  • The school regularly reaches out to inform of misbehaviour/incidents

  • Your child stops wanting to share with you about his/her feelings and events that take place in their life outside of home

Common Kids Problem 

What we offer

Dee Dream Life offers different programs to help kids talk and learn how to work out their problems so your children to cope, communicate and perform better academically, socially, mentally and emotionally.  

As each child faces unique and different circumstances and personal obstacles, we work with each individual to help parents and children understand their issues, set goals and actions that can be taken and guide the children to execute the prescribed ways of living that will enhance their personal development. 

We use various methods for each child including play therapy, meditation, social skills training, emotional self regulation methods, physical exercise, breathing techniques, advice and guidance to help each child manoeuvre through their struggles and challenges to help them feel healthy and happy. 

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