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Dee Dream Life is a premium one-stop shop for health, fitness & wellness integrating life coaching with dance, fitness, yoga and meditation.  Based in Central HK and with outposts across HK, we serve clients from all walks of life from the rich and famous to the underprivileged.  We pioneer a revolutionary system to help everyone maximise their potential and achieve their dream life through our Wellness Wheel.


We are community based and have the service of all at the heart of all our coaching.  Our coaches are COMPASSIONATE, KIND and CARING while being offering high quality coaching to adults and children in public group classes and private events for corporations, institutions and organisations in Hong Kong and globally through online services, with the aim for global expansion.

Our Mission

We aim to provide high quality holistic health and wellness solution to all.

Our clients come from all walks of life, ranging from the wealthiest families, celebrities, models, elite professionals, large corporations, community organisations to all others in living in HK including domestic helpers, the underprivileged and needy. Led by the founder Dee Oh, who is very passionate about dance, fitness, yoga, meditation and life coaching, we are a team of caring coaches who not only can teach many forms of classes, but also inspire people to reach their maximum life potential.

We have served and made an impact on thousands with a high level of consistent customer satisfaction with overall 4.8 to 5 star ratings through various customer rating reviews online and offline. Our follower base and suite of offering is rapidly growing with exciting new developments continually.

"Health, fitness and wellness in a holistic way should be accessible to all" 


Dee Oh

Founder of Dee Dream Life

"I left my career in investment banking to build my own organisation on what I am passionate about, which is to inspire, motivate and help all achieve their dream lives through wellness in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health using a holistic approach including movement, meditation, motivational coaching and mentorship" 

Who Are We?

Our team members are carefully selected and are made of the most passionate, positive, talented, caring and friendly coaches who continuously inspire and motivate all to achieve more while keeping a warm smile and paying enough attention without causing stress to the students to keep them happy, relaxed and challenged.


Dee Dream Life was founded by Dee Oh, award winning health and wellness influencer named as a top 50 Most Influential Person by Hong Kong Living in 2020.  Dee left her career in investment banking to pursue her dream of helping people to achieve their dream life through health, fitness and wellness across the body, mind and spirit. Aside from her vast work with students, Dee also devotes a significant amount of time and energy to coach and mentor other coaches within the team. 

We keep a close watch of our students' wellbeing in all aspects of life and, thus Dee Dream Life provides a unique holistic health solution for the body, mind and life. We motivate students to work harder to improve in their practice of dance, fitness, yoga and life!

Our Team Values

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