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Combating Covid-19 Virus
Rules of Engagement

All students and coaches need to agree on the following declarations prior to all classes:


  • I, along with all family members and residents sharing same apartment/house/home has not been out of Hong Kong in the last 2 weeks (14 full consecutive days in total)

  • I have not experienced the symptoms below in the last 3 days

    • Fever

    • Cough (dry and with mucus/phlegm)

    • Respiratory problems (including nose blocks, stuffy nose, sinus problems)

    • Flu

    • Excessive phlegm and mucus 

    • Sore throat

    • Bodily aches as experienced normally in common cold/flu

  • I have not been in physical contact (in the same room, within 3-5 metres radius) of a person, within the last 4 weeks, who 

    • has been diagnosed as a Covid-19 patient, 

    • is currently awaiting test results of Covid-19 virus infection

    • currently is undergoing a 14-day quarantine 

  • Sanitisation of footwear is required prior to entering premises

  • Wearing of masks is required in the corridor and lift and during the class, as required by HK government current regulation

  • Standing about 1.5m away from each other is required during classes

  • No bodily contact, hands-on adjustment of postures is allowed during this period

Statue with Mask

Together we can stay strong and exercise caution to keep the virus spread minimal!

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