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Yoga Group


Dee Oh was inspired to start Dee Dream Life from her vision of holding a safe space that allows people to feel comfortable with warm and loving community to allow each person to explore life's issues and work with coaches that can assist in helping each individual find his/her dream life.


After going through years of personal hardship struggling with teenage trauma, anxiety and depression, body image issues, feeling bullied and outcasted at school to not being able to find her own life purpose in her twenties while conforming with the typical Asian family and society's expectations of securing the most stable and reputable job in the investment banking industry. 


As she found her way through life using life coaching, dance, fitness, yoga and meditation, she became very passionate with helping others to use the methods that had worked for her to achieve her dream life.

Today all the service offerings at Dee Dream Life reflect the deep needs of modern day society for people of all ages from 1 to 100! 

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