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Terms & Conditions, Code of Conduct and Disclaimers

In order to create a fun and safe environment for all participants of Dee Dream Life, each participant of public and private coaching sessions implicitly agree to the terms and conditions listed below when joining any 1-1 or group session conducted by the coaches of Dee Dream Life, be it a paid session or free trial. 


Participants who have signed up for classes through third party service providers also implicitly accept this Code of Conduct upon joining the sessions, in addition to any policies of the third parties.

  1. Booking of session - You are required to book and confirm your slot at least 1 hour before commencement of class.  Any cancellation within the hour prior to class commencement my incur additional penalty charges if significant costs or opportunity costs have been incurred and can be proven to have been incurred.  Walk-in without booking is allowed, however in the event of limited availability of slots, priority will be given to students who have reserved for the class. 

  2. Cancellation of booking - After you book a public group class, if you cannot attend, please notify us as soon as possible and no later than 1 hour before the class starts (e.g. by cancelling your booking by WhatsApp).  Repeated late cancellations and/or no-show to classes may result in financial and non-financial penalties, including forfeit of prepaid fees, additional penalty fees and suspension from booking classes.

  3. Timing of attendance - You are required to arrive 5-15 minutes prior to the start of the class. We reserve the right to deny you from joining the class for late arrival due to safety reasons with no refund of fees paid.

  4. Payment for group public class - Class fees must be made to secure booking prior to class or immediately after class. Payment is to be made as per requirements on

  5. Payment for private class engagements - All fees must be fully paid with payment confirmation received 14 days prior to the scheduled class. Any change of schedule/location after payment is received will incur additional costs, which will be determined by the nature of change and to be determined at the discretion of Dee Dream Life.

  6. Refund policy - all payments of fees are non-refundable. 

  7. Cancellation policy - all participants who have prepaid for class passes or unlimited plans will not be given a refund upon cancellation of the plans.

  8. Transfer of membership - Unlimited plans and prepaid classes are transferrable to any person other than the participant who has registered and paid for it upon notification to Dee Dream Life.  Offloading the prepaid classes for a price higher than original purchase price is not permitted.

  9. Partial attendance of class - Any participant that does not remain in the class through the whole duration of the class is considered to have joined the class and the participant cannot request for a full or partial refund of fees for the class, exceptions can be made if feeling significantly ill in the first 15 minutes of session​

  10. Non-solicitation of customers - all participants are prohibited from inducing or soliciting other participants or coaches of Dee Dream Life into purchasing any product/service or joining any program/class/organisation. Any complaint of such occurrence will trigger a warning issued to the customer alleged of such behaviour and any subsequent occurrence will result in a ban of the alleged customer from all Dee Dream Life sessions, classes, events, venues and online portals. No refund of prepaid fees will be given in such an event. Dee Dream Life reserves the right to take legal action against any offence of this nature.

  11. Videos/cameras - video shooting of the class are not allowed in any of the conducted sessions without the prior approval of Dee Dream Life. Any photos/videos that are taken by the coaches or assistants will not be published without the permission of the students captured on the photos/videos.  In the event of a photo/video being published which contains a participant/parent/guardian who is uncomfortable with it, the participant/parent/guardian should advise the coach to retrieve the video. The coach will respect the decision of the participant and immediately remove the photo/video. Photo/video taking by any participant is to be done with respect to other participants and any inclusion of other participants are to be respectfully notified to the other student prior to the occurrence.

  12. Injuries, health issues and intoxication

    1. All participants are required to disclose all prior, current and foreseeable potential injuries, health conditions, pregnancies, medications taken and any other health related issues to the instructor prior to the commencement of class.

    2. Intoxication - all participants are required to disclose any medication (drowsy and non-drowsy types) and substances such as drugs, alcohol and performance enhancement substances that have been consumed by the participants within 48 hours prior to class.

    3. The coach reserves the right to deny the participation of any person who is deemed to be not fit or suitable to attend the class during the time based on the information provided during registration or based on observations during the session.

  13. Prior medical practitioner advice -  Any health, fitness and wellness advice provided by the coaches of Dee Dream Life is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  It is recommended that you consult a medical practitioner before commencing any physical, mental or spiritual exercise program and to disclose all information/advice from your consultation(s) with medical practitioners.

  14. Reasonable care - All sessions are of various intensity and impact on body, mind and spirit.  All participants also are in various states of body, mind and spirit at any point in time.  Participants are required to take reasonable good care of themselves while undergoing any session and to not exert themselves more than their body, mind and spirit can handle to the best of their ability with the reasonable care and guidance of the coach present. Taking breaks and plenty of hydration are recommended for participants who feel exhaustion, dizziness or unwell.  If any participant feel unwell at any point in time, he/she should immediately stop and rest immediately and to notify the coach as soon as possible. 

  15. How to achieve optimal results -  Participants of Dee Dream Life sessions generally experience positive outcomes to various degrees from the services provided.  Dee Dream Life makes no promises or guarantees of any results in any way or form from the participation.  To achieve optimal results that are non-detrimental, sustainable and last for the longer term, we recommend exercising with common sense, listening to your own body, mind & spirit and being aware of your own capacity, limits and state of body, mind & spirit at any point in time, along with appropriate diet & nutrition, rest & recovery techniques and a regular program.

  16. Proper footwear - Proper exercise shoes are required to be worn at all times for all dance, fitness and dance fitness classes. Dance/exercise shoes (e.g. Reebok Hayasu) are highly recommended to minimise the impact of the movements to the knees and legs.  No shoes/socks are required for Yoga, Stretch & Strengthen and TONE2MUSIC classes.

  17. Language of instruction - The instructor will communicate with the participants in English. Some classes may include Cantonese/Mandarin instructions. 

  18. Safety and personal belongings - Please be advised that you enter the premises where Dee Dream Life sessions are conducted at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any loss of belongings, theft or related incidences. Please take good care of your personal belongings and use the facilities for lockers to secure your belongings and exercise caution on the safety of yourself and your belongings. 

  19. Ownership of materials - Any dance choreography, photographs, videos, media materials and information received by the client during the class remain the property of Dee Dream Life and are not to be shared publicly or re-used for commercial purposes by the participant without the agreement of Dee Dream Life. Any sharing of the materials to social media is prohibited without the prior approval of Dee Dream Life. 

  20. Bad Weather Policy - the decision to cancel a class is made 2 hours before every class. Classes are cancelled if the following signals are on within 2 hours before each class (Typhoon 8 and above, Black Rainstorm Warning Signal and Tsunami). If a class is cancelled, a special announcement will be made on all online and WhatsApp broadcast updates. For example, the decision to cancel a class starting at 12pm class will be made at 10am, 1pm class at 11am, etc.  A cancellation of a private class engagement to due bad weather will be resolved by both parties to agree on a replacement class and additional expenses for the replacement class (e.g. venue hire fees), will be equally shared by both parties in the event.

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