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Our beliefs guide our actions, plans and classes that we conduct. They are based on the beliefs of Dee's practice of yoga, religion and spirituality. All our staff and students are to respect and conduct themselves based on these beliefs in all the interactions related to Dee Dream Life, be it in or out of the classes.

  • To love all and serve all - we welcome all to join us irrespective of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, social status, wealth, capability and learning levels

  • To accept the equanimities of life - we accept that everyone in our classes are equal and respect all others regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, social status, wealth, capability and learning levels

  • To surrender the fruits of our action - we focus on doing our best as teachers and students, yet to not obsess on and attach ourselves to the results of our actions and learnings in order to maintain the relaxing and fun elements of learning

  • To accept the dualities of life - we accept that life and learning has its ups and downs and to embrace all situations with grace, poise and pleasure

  • To be free from attachments and act for the well-being of the whole world - we are free from attachments to material gains, money, pride, arrogance and showing off of our skills acquired from learning dance, fitness and yoga and focus on using our acquired skills to help others' well-being 

  • To speak the truth with kindness - we are to be honest with each other and speak the truth with kindness in all situations, even when the truth hurts but is necessary to be told 

  • To live in accordance with our essential nature - we embrace our inner nature and pursue learning and teaching based on our own natural tendencies in our practice of dance, fitness and yoga, thus nothing is done out of unnatural force and pressure

  • To perform our own duty based on our life purpose - we focus on aiming to bring out the best out of everyone through our practices and life coaching such that we are all performing our own duty based on our life purpose

  • To pursue what we love - do what we love, love what we do

  • To lead by quiet example and inspire others to do the same - we never force others to do things that they do not wish to, but to motivate and inspire through leading by example

  • To never judge others - we never judge others based on their dance, fitness and yoga performance abilities or any other criteria

  • To be true to our self without harming others - we express our own true self through dance, fitness and yoga and other expressions of creativity with freedom without harming others 

  • To share passion the teaching of dance, fitness and yoga for the raising of energies of others, the planet and the universe - we share our passion to teach others for the raising of energies of others to make this world a happier and healthier place for everyone to live in 

  • To accept full responsibility for our wellness and life - we accept full responsibility for our own health, fitness and wellness with the guidance, support and motivation of professional coaches and peers

  • To accept that everything happens as it is meant to - we accept that our progress in our dance, fitness and yoga practices happens as and when it is meant to, and thus we do not rush and force outcomes to happen within short periods of time at the expense of exhaustion and injuries

  • To accept ourselves warts and all - we love ourselves fully for all that we are, the good, the bad and the ugly... we embrace how we are and focus on improving ourselves yet with full self love 

  • To practise forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love towards our self and others - we are loving, forgiving, kind and compassionate to our self and all others

  • To be guided by love in all our actions in the face of every situation we are presented with

  • To be kind to ourselves as we walk our chosen path in whatever way we need to experience it, always remembering to forgive ourselves

"Fitness and fun should be affordable and accessible to all members of society. Dee Dream Life aims to make fitness fun, affordable and accessible for ALL regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, wealth, etc. 


Dee Oh

Founder of Dee Dream Life

"I left my career in investment banking to build my own organisation on what I am passionate about, which is to inspire, motivate and help all achieve physical, mental and emotional health and wellness so they can maximise their potential and live their dream lives" 

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