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Private/ Personal Training

Dee Dream Life has expertise in organising  specifically tailor-made sessions for your private events, including for the employees of large corporations and more!

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Corporate Team 

We organise group classes for teams of different workplaces that allow all members to join and engage themselves in fun activities to keep them active, healthy and happy. 


We also conduct regular group classes on-site on demand by different corporations and small to medium businesses to help employers invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees.


Employers are increasingly more aware and experiencing the great positive impact to productivity, profitability and performance of their workforce when they organise and provide more health and wellness related activities to their employees. 


Investing in your most valuable assets, which is your staff, is the best long term investment to the success of your business!

Company Christmas Parties

Running out of ideas of what to do for the festive season?  Organise a health and wellness themed Christmas party this year and have a Zumba dance party, Pound Fit session or a relaxing yoga/meditation spa session before/after the fun eating and partying!!!

Friends with Santa Hats

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Fun Dance Class

Bachelorette/ Engagement/ Wedding Parties

Throwing your friend the party before he/she gets married?  Spice it up with a dance class for all the bridesmaids to work on some sexy moves!


Need to work on your wedding dance but you have 2 left feet? Let us help you choreograph and learn the most importance dance of your life!


Want everyone to get on the dance floor at your wedding? Le'ts have an unforgettable Zumba dance party at your wedding!


Dee Dream Life can help you create the lively and fun atmosphere for your party, from great uplifting music selection to fun dance routines to get everyone up on their feet and blaze the dance floor. 


We are doing this because we love a good party and sharing our experience with all of you in your special event. We are passionate about making your party great!

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