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Written by Dee Oh (referencing Jennifer Fitzsimmons' Pathways Academy of Life Yoga Teacher Training and various other sources)

Sound Meditation

This is performed through focusing and merging with the sound of instruments, including crystal bowls, gong, didgeridoo, singing bowls, the sound of nature (birds chirping, waves, etc) and any other relaxing sounds. 

All sound is vibration and each sound carries a vibration. Certain instruments and the different usical notes carry specific vibrations that if composed scientifically are extremely beneficial in healing and balancing the mind, body and emotions. 

The sound of the gong is one of these vibrations. This is performed by completely relaxing the body whilst the gong is struck in a specific manner. The gong relates to sound and is vibration. In essence, we are vibration on the mental and emotional levels. On a physical level, it penetrates and vibrates every cell and fibre of the physical body and its meridians causing a balance between the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It induces the entire nervous system, which releases feelings. It is a powerful anecdote for the parasympathetic nervous system, which is essential in our world today.

Word Meditation

Om and Aum is the universal name of the Creator/God. This is why most yoga classes begin and/or end with the chanting of this sacred syllable a few times. By chanting it reverently in worship, it unlocks the way to the eternal truth. Many then asks what God are we worshipping when we say Om in our yoga classes. The answer is whichever God/Higher Power that you have in your mind is what you are worshipping or trying to unite with. Some fear that by chanting this syllable, we are drawing in the devil or satan or strange Hindu God of some kind into our mind/body. Do realise that YOU are in complete control of your own mind and therefore you are in complete control of what/who you are worshipping at all times.


Some people do not believe in God per se, and so they can treat this chanting as mere elevation of vibrations in the room and within themselves as preparation for greater focus and concentration through their practice of yoga.  

Scientifically, the chanting of the syllable Om triggers and vibrates the tops of the mouth canal, which are connected to the nerves leading to the glands in the brains such as the pituitary gland, pineal glad and hypothalamus. Thus, chanting helps to stimulate the secretion of the happy hormones by these glands including dopamine, seratonin and other anti-depressants.


The meaning of mantra: "man"means mind and "trang" means wave. Mantra is the knowledge that sounds is a form of energy having structure, power and a definite predictable effect on the chakras (energy centres) and the human psyche. In the beginning was the word and the word was God.

Mantra is extremely effective and quick way to experience the Infinite/God. It changes our vibration and raises our energy levels, it is vital for the time that we are going through if we wish to survive. When vibrations are lifted, the mind is completely tranquil and an altered state of awareness occurs. 

Through repetition, our nature is transformed, we become more compassionate, peaceful and balanced. We begin to live in harmony with ourselves, those around us and in our environment. A fulfilled life is achieved in the sense that we are grateful with everything that is happening, challenges or opportunities are all accepted as blessings and from this state of mind, life can only be fulfilled as there is acceptance of what comes.

Technology is the application of science. The sound patterns used are based on the science of sound. Quantum technology works with the smallest particles of sound and energy, placing them into effective patterns. These patterns are used as seeds to create larger pattern imprinted to the subconscious mind, seeds that will bring transformation of thought, action, reaction and overall transformation of nature. 

In the science of mantra, the meridian points, which is the base of the brain and the upper palate, is stimulated with the tip of the tongue. This in turn stimulates and tunes the thalamus and hypothalamus, which sits on the upper palate, this and the word causes the pineal glands to vibrate and as it does it creates an impulse on the pituitary gland, which causes it to secrete the chemicals such as seratonin and happy chemicals that feed the emotions. The pituitary gland also sends an impulse to the glandular system, which further secretes and this secretion alters the moods and emotions to higher vibrating emotions of joy and love.

We have to work from our foundation upward, mantra opens your base and the nadis energy channel in the body, which changes the chemistry and raises vibration to ecstasy - gross to subtle and subtle to infinite. Chanting raises vibrations to higher states and the physical and spiritual body awaken our soul power. We are then better able to function with our spiritual side. 

Hope this helps you understand your practice of yoga more and enhances you to deepen it.

Hari Om

May peace be with you with always.


Lots of love,



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