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"Dance, Fitness, Yoga & Life Coaching should be fun, affordable and accessible to all. I aim to transform the landscape of coaching so that people love and enjoy maximising their own life potential while working closely with coaches and community that is supportive and collaborative in a harmonious and happy way!


Dee Oh

Founder of Dee Dream Life

"I left my career in investment banking to build my own organisation on what I am passionate about, which is to inspire, motivate and help all achieve physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness so they can maximise their potential and live their dream lives" 

Founder - Dee Oh

After leaving a promising career as an investment banker in 2016, Dee sought out a more personally fulfilling profession that would add value to others' lives, while maximising her own potential.  


That journey led to founding Dee Dream Life, a community and studio that integrates dance, fitness, yoga, meditation and life coaching in a holistic way that allows clients to be supported through their life and find their maximum potential in a personalised, deep and meaningful way in a positive and supportive environment for all ages and social statuses.  

"I love inspiring, motivating and encouraging others to achieve their maximum potential in life."

After experiencing mental health challenges and depression as a teenager, Dee turned to movement, music and meditation as a coping mechanism, which helped her spring back to life from some difficult times.  In her 20s, she struggled with finding the right job and realised that she was stuck in an industry and profession that was not meant to be her path and through her soul searching discovery, she landed into a career in coaching and is particularly passionate to assist others to find their right career path in life too as she understands how depressing it can be to be feeling out of place in a job that is not right for oneself.

Aiming to transform every student she encounters with moving inspiration and energy, Dee has coached thousands of people from all walks of life in large groups, personal training, 1-1 counselling sessions across various disciplines for adults and children ranging from age 2 to 70. 

Her clients range from famous celebrities, high net worth families, busy successful executives to everyday energetic and enthusiastic people from all walks of life, including her community work for the underprivileged and foreign domestic helpers.  She also spends considerable amount of time and energy to mentor and guide others in the industry including being in the Executive Committee of Hong Kong Alliance for Fitness and Wellness and SafeFit100 Steering Committee.

Dee received multiple awards in recent years including Ritzy Hong Kong's 2022 Most Influential People in Health & Wellness Industry, Hong Kong Living 2020/21 50 Top Influencers of Hong Kong and was featured in January 2021 Hong Kong Living Magazine Cover.  For a list of the awards and accolades received by Dee and Dee Dream Life, click here.


Aside from her coaching at Dee Dream Life, she has also been the resident coach for some of the most prestigious clubs, community centres and schools in Hong Kong including Goldman Sachs, The Hong Kong Club, Jewish Community Centre and Discovery Montessori School.

Dee has also been active in organising events at large scale for Health & Wellness in Hong Kong,  including being the organiser for PRISM The Peak Escapade Health & Wellness Events at the Iconic Peak Tower on Victoria Peak.


As a supporter and entrepreneur coach with community spirit, she also is an ambassador and endorser for multiple brands of high quality products  particularly focusing on helping SMEs grow including Titika Active Wear, United Nations Council of International Dance, Circle DNA, FlowHub, Isotonix Nutrition & Supplement, Clesign Yoga Mats, Kajal Naina Jewellery and Halima Khan Designs.


- 30-day Transition Lifestyle System (TLS) Body Transformation Program

- Ayurveda Nutrition, Therapy & Yoga

- Cardio Hip Hop

- Career Coaching

- Dance Fitness

- Energy Healing Therapy

- Entrepreneurship Coaching

- Fatburn & Toning

- Kids Birthday Parties

- Kids Coaching/Counselling

- Kids Fun Fitness & Yoga/Mindfulness

- Kriya Meditation

- Life Coaching

- Meditation

- Personal Training (NASM Certified)

- Pre-& Post-Natal Yoga & Support

- Pound Fit

- Pranayama Breathwork

- Pranic Healing

- Relationship Coaching

- Yoga (RYT500 training) 

- Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation Therapy

- YogaLates 

- Zumba(R) Dance Fitness

Large events and clients she has coached

  • 360 Wellness Event at Lee Gardens

  • Calvin Klein Performance Event

  • Chinese International School (CIS)

  • Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong 

  • Decathlon Dance & Tone

  • Discovery Montessori School 

  • Goldman Sachs Weekly Wellness

  • Hong Kong Living Urban Retreat

  • Iris Your Escape, HK's Largest Festival

  • Iris Your Escape in Parisian Macau 

  • Iris Ngong Ping 360 at Big Buddha

  • HKUST Campus Wellness Week

  • Jewish Community Centre

  • K-11 Wellness @ K-11 Mall

  • PRISM Escapade at The Peak Tower

  • The Hong Kong Club

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