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Flora Chung

Flora first connected with fitness when she studied aboard in Canada at the age of 18. Since this early encounter Flora has been building on her understanding of how to engage with fitness in new and interesting ways.


Having experienced the benefits of kick boxing and joining a local community centre here in Hong Kong, Flora realised that fitness opened a new world of exciting experiences and essential benefits both mentally and physically. 


In 2017 Flora attended her first Dee Dream Life class and saw how classes such Zumba and yoga could help her on her own personal fitness journey. However Flora was not content is just attending classes, she wanted to share her new found passion with others. She really identified and connected with Pound Fit, a class that incorporates weighted drumsticks and movement to provide a immersive and stimulating workout. Flora has successfully completed her training to become a Pound Pro, ready to share the exhilarating beats and movements that enhance and engage both the mind and the body.

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