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Dee Dream Life Studio 

Rent a beautiful space that can be used in multiple ways... a zen peaceful space for yoga or meditation, a space to host intimate workshops, seminars and sharing circles or a party space with disco lights and high quality speakers for a dance and birthday party

Dee Dream Life

1,300 sqft in total (1,000sqft net) in A-grade building

Lyndhurst Tower

1 Lyndhurst Terrace

​Level 14, Unit 1401

Central, Hong Kong

(Door on far left when you get out of lift)

十四樓 一室

Studio Rental

Hourly Rates

HKD500 (1-5 hours per month)

HKD450 (6-10 hours per month)

HKD400 (over 10 hours per month)

Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Straps,
Pilates Balls & Rings, 
Resistance Bands, Dumbbells (up to 3kg)

Disco Lights, High-Quality Speakers, Candles

Mood Lighting, Velvet Blankets & Meditation Bolsters

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