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"Yoga is not ​only a physical art to train, but also a way to love and make the world a better place."


Mabel Cheng

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Dee Dream Life

Mabel Cheng

Mabel Cheng has practised yoga for over ten years, starting at the age of 15.  She completed her RYT200 at World Peace Yoga School, India in 2018, guided by master Vishnu. Here she acquired the skills to teach Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, Meditation as well as other areas/disciplines to students of various levels.


Mabel believes in the benefits of Yoga to unify the body, mind and spirit so that we can be the true self, which is the biggest happiness in life. She sees Yoga not only as a physical art form to train, but also as a way to show love to others and make the world a better place. This is also evident in the fact she is currently a nursing student.


Yoga has positively transformed her life. (Is there any more information we can add here to allow readers to connect on a deeper level? How has it changed her life?) She wants to spread the light and happiness that she has experienced from Yoga to others and support them on their own personal yoga journey.


Mabel is highly skilled and is able to teach Hatha, Astanga, Vinyasa, Sound Therapy and Prenatal Yoga.  Currently she is mainly teaching private or online classes in these areas.  Mabel has experience teaching adults, elderly and children thus can easily tailor classes to suit all needs be it for mobility, strength or relaxation purposes. (Do you want to mention here that she can conduct classes in both English or Cantonese?)


In addition to her Yoga teaching, Mabel is dedicated to attaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of Yoga and physical movement. She is as firm believer in continuous personal development and is currently training to be a Barre and Aerial Yoga teacher.

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