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Venus Throw

Venus Throw


"Velvety soft throw just for you"


This is a luxurious velvety wool flannel throw which you can cuddle up to at home, work, studio or play. The throw is a perfect addition to enhance your decor while giving you the softness you adore when using it in bed and the warmth you deserve whilst sitting on your sofa during the colder days of the year. 


This soft to touch throw is colour-transfer proof,  machine washable, non-static and will maintain its shape and form without any shedding of the material. What’s more this wool flannel throw promises maximum breathability due to how fine the material is knitted, it’s insured to feel soft and tender to your skin. 10 colours are on offer to guarantee you can definitely find one that will suit your tastes. 


Woollen Flannel, double-sided flannel with 380 GSM made of polyester. 

150cmx200cm , suitable for a single bed

1.1 kg


Returns/refunds within 30 days after receiving the product. Please contact 63344266

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