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Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation


This class is for those who would like to have a complete deep rest, recharge with physical, mental & spiritual reset using a guided meditation that is so powerful a power nap that even if you stay for only 20 minutes, it would make you feel completely recharged and energised to power through the rest of your day!

Yoga Nidra is also very powerful in helping to eliminate psychic scars, overcome any mental hurdles, psychological barriers and remove negative toxicity within the body, mind and spirit. Feel like a newly awaken empowered person with self affirmations that enter your psyche to create a balanced, strong and conscious person.

We balance and activate all 7 chakras (energy centres) to bring you the best version of yourself to achieve your dream life with your highest maximum potential!

Some gentle pre-meditative yoga poses with stretching and breath work takes place before the deep sleep mediation.

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