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Colour Therapy

Use colours to heal blockages, imbalances and scars within you


Colours have a profound effect on our energy levels, energy centres (chakras), psyche, emotions and consciousness. 


Everyone is affected by colours.  For example, when we attend a funeral, we wear black as it symbolises being in a mourning state, an introverted state, darkness, etc.  When we attend a fun kids party on the other hand, we see big bright balloons, candies, cakes, costumes, jumping castles of different variety of rainbow colours. 

The brightness and variety of colours that we see in our daily lives evoke different emotions within us.  Different shades and hues of colours show different intensity and brightness. 

We also often use colours to describe how we feel. Common English expressions such as "I'm in the pink today (meaning feeling perfect health), "green with envy", "feeling blue", "

"Each colour has its own unique effects and can be used for healing and balancing, as well as for stimulating different levels of consciousness"
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