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Do Things That Matter

Life is short. Do things that matter. Your time is too precious for anything otherwise.

Since I am not working now, I spend some of my days not really having done much, but then again I realise that this is not much different from when I used to work in a job.

How much of what you do in your job actually are things that matter? You change a font size to match the title, you write some text only to be re-written by your manager and then re-written by another manager…

You write a report to show people what you have done this week, this month, this year… You spend time sucking your bosses’ behind by making some compliments and praises on trivial things.

All for the sake of bringing home a paycheck? Have some faith that you were destined to do things that were meant to be of some great importance to this world and go ahead and do it. Make some impact, not kill some time…

Til Next Time, Dee Dream

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