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Quit Complaining Already

Complaining is not a strategy. When faced with a problem, think of ways you can work to solve them. Complaining does nothing but wastes your time and energy and the time and energy of the person you are complaining to.

How many people do you know who spends all the time complaining about their lives whenever you catch up with them ? Their dog is too loud, their grandma is too fussy, their bosses are too demanding… In the same vein, there are some people who always portray a sunny side of their lives whenever you see them. It is not as though these people are not plagued with problems and obstacles in their lives too. It is just the conscious or unconscious decision to not spend the time of others to rant about them.

Complaining can often be more an addiction than a plan for a solution. When one gives the complainer suggested solutions, they are oftentimes not taken seriously into consideration as the complainer is not actually seeking for suggestions or solutions, rather he/she is indulging in moments of playing the victim and venting out anger or annoyance. Believe it or not, these people actually do enjoy the act of complaining itself.

Playing victim becomes a disease. Putting blame on their circumstances becomes a habit and an excuse for them to not do what they should do. The complaints snowball as they go along complaining. What is worse is that what started out as a mere self-indulgent then eventually becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy whereby he/she starts to believe that the circumstances are all working against him/her and feels paralysed by the situation and immobilised against positive change from there.

As regular complainers have more and more practice at the act, they become very good at it too. So much so that their complaints start to become quite entertaining to listen at times as they become very conversant of how to draw the attention of others towards these chatters. Being able to draw more audience to this further encourages them in the habit that then sticks with them and labels them as a person.

You will find these if you start observing closely those around you. Those that love to complain just will not stop. Being in their company saps energy from you and also encourages you to start being overly-critical about your own lives and things around you and before you know it, you will start adding fuel to their fires with agreeing with some of their complaints too!

Til Next Time, Dee Dream

Quit Complaining
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