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Cultivating Joy

Joy is such a common term thrown around, but yet we sometimes forget to give ourselves the ability to feel it. There are many ways to cultivate joy in our lives, and yes we need to actively want to bring joy into our lives because there are many of us who unconsciously disallow joy to come into our lives through our conscious and subconscious ways of thinking full of fear and negativity that blocks joy from coming in.

Some ways to help cultivate joy include:

1) Appreciation - practising gratitude and appreciation towards every little thing that we have, be it big or small, helps us cultivate a joyful attitude in life. It trains our minds to see the positive in everything, rather than focusing on what is wrong or missing in our lives.

2) Practising being fully present in the moment - not worrying about the future, not going back into the past, but fully being present in the moment to absorb and tune in to all of the wonders that life currently is bringing you. Whatever you are doing in the moment, be there fully, not somewhere else or thinking of someone else. Try not to allow your mind wander and only focus at the task at hand. Being able to fully focus on a task at hand, by definition, is meditation.

3) Choose to surround yourself with other positive and joyful people - people who will make you laugh, feel good about yourself and help to raise your vibrations.

4) Accept complete responsibility for your life - don't play victim, like I am in this situation because my mum or dad were such and such... plenty of people have created successful lives coming out of slums and terrible unfortunate situations. Stop playing victim and start taking action towards a more positive and fulfilling joyful life! Leave the past in the past, wasting time dwelling on it will not get you anywhere out of the situation.

5) Take challenges with excitement as opportunity to grow and prove yourself to be stronger and more resilient - Joy during easy times is easy, but how do you find joy when faced with difficult situations? That is most of our struggle. Try to always see challenges and tough situations as opportunities for us to perform, grow and prove to ourselves what we are capable of.

6) Service - when you focus on helping others, you will forget about your own problems and feel better about your own self esteem as you are able to give and empower others with your own light and power.

Hope this helps all of you my dear Dee Dream Lifers!

Lots of love and light

Dee Oh


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