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Releasing Old Programs

Releasing old programs or patterns of the mind and old ways of being and habits that no longer serve you well is one of the most critical steps in helping to manifest something into our lives. If you are still behaving in old ways, you cannot make room for something new, wow and amazing to enter into your life, be it the brand new job, a new love partner, more career opportunities, friends and abundance, in general. If we cling to old ways of thinking that are limiting, we simply cannot welcome new opportunities.

All that we have done in the past, has taught us and shaped us to think a certain way and form certain feelings and perceptions towards things. Our thoughts from the past also shape the present reality of what we have because our feelings of negativity or positivity towards things tend to end up driving them away or towards us. On one hand, we want to be cautious to not attract things that are not good to us, but on the other hand, we also want to not be overly cautious and err to the side of caution to the extent that we block good things from entering our lives.

Maybe some of our old ways of thinking served us well in the past while we were not ready for new, exciting things to enter or we were just not ready to be more open. We should not feel guilt and beat ourselves up for not opening up sooner, however, we should be thankful towards them while we also acknowledge that it is time to let them go as we usher in new ways of thinking and reacting towards life's many wondrous opportunities and experiences.

Hope this helps

Lots of love and light



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