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Beat Covid-19 Blues

Currently, we are facing a very strange and uncertain situation, with lots of fear, anxiety and just plain frustration from being caught in the pandemic for the last 7-8 months already!

Having gone through multiple waves of the virus spreading across different countries and round the globe, with no end in sight, many of us are feeling a bit lost, uncertain about what to do with all the extra time and energy in our hands while movement is restricted and entertainment outside of home are limited in choice...

In this post, I share with you some of the things that you can do to help you feel better, more fulfilled and productive while going through this unpredictable times!

1) Take daily walks outside of home - a short walk outside even if for 10-20 minutes to a store to buy a snack and come back, helps to refresh the mind, especially if you are also currently working from home. Lovely, longer walks in a park or by the beach, if they are accessible to you, definitely will help boost your endorphins and keep you calm and centred while being closer to nature!

2) Call friends and family - just because we are not able to meet some of our friends and family, doesn't mean we should catching up them. We are humans that thrive on human interaction and connection, no matter how introverted or extroverted we are. Try to actually voice call or arrange Zoom meetings and parties with friends and family from around the world to stay connected and to help boost one another's happiness and joy with laughter, tenderness, warmth and fun!

3) Pick up a new hobby - learning a new language, playing a new musical instrument, learning to cook new recipes, sewing, web design, martial arts, yoga, singing, whatever the new skill can be... this unprecedented times of having more long stretches of time at home means it is the best opportunity to take time to devote on personal development and growth.

4) Up-skill your self by taking online courses - plenty of online courses are available for you to take, some for free and others for a fraction of the normal price... whatever the cost, investing in your own education is a great way to ensure you are not wasting your excess time and energy during this period of down time!

Hope this helps all of you Dee Dream Lifers

Lots of love and light

Dee Oh


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