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Appreciating Your Freedom

This post is for all of you single people out there who are desiring to manifest a future partner to appear in the very near future.

Yes, you may be desiring to have someone with you and long to find that special someone as soon as possible, but remember that you are living right here, right now

Don't forget to appreciate this moment! Right now, you are free! No attachments, no commitments, no responsibilities to anyone! Even if that makes you feel uncomfortable or you don't like it, ask yourself what you can do to see the beauty in your situation and appreciate it as a great gift!

Relationships can bring great challenges, but lucky you, you don't have to deal with them right now! You don't have to think of someone else before you make a decision. You don't have to ask permission, compromise or clean up someone else's dirty socks. You are free to do as you please and that is a wonderful thing that you may be taking for granted now but would wish to have back when you are in a relationship and/or marriage in the future!

How can you have peace on being on your own? Can you see it as a gift and appreciate your freedom? What about all the things that you can do for yourself, to yourself, with yourself with all the time that you have now without any responsibitlies or attachments?

Learn a new musical instrument? Take a course to advance your career? Pick up a new hobby? Improve on cooking skills? Learn to bake? Clean your own home? Throw out old items? Create art? Write a book? Learn to sing? Spend more time reading books and expandiing your knowledge?

What about personal reflection on yourself and how you can improve yourself before you have to live with someone else? Relationships are not meant to be easy and while we are single, we need to find ways to improve our own temperament and ability to handle challenges, compromises and responsibilities that are to come with being in a relationship and marriage and being a future parent maybe!

Also, take all the time and freedom you have currently to have all the fun that you would like because once you are in a committed relationship, it won't be as easy to just leave home whenever you please and go travel or do whatever you wish without having to take others into consideration...

Hope this helps

Love and light

God bless you all!


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