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Release and Let Go

Release and let go of things that no longer serve you in serving your life purpose. Let go of grudges, let go of the need to be acknowledged by others. Let go of seeking approval from other humans.

Let God be the one in control of your life. Seek peace and pursue it. Don't do evil and focus on doing good work. Everything else is irrelevant and only taking you away from fulfilling your own dreams of living your best life.

Let God and His angels help you, there is no need to seek revenge and redemption, nor reward and retribution. People may repay you with evil for good, but there is no need to be upset and seek for anything. Just allow God to show them their way to seeing the truth and enlightenment.

Let God teach others how to do things out of love. Let your own energy and time do things that bring you joy, love and productivity. Continue to plough energy to friends who truly love and care about you.

Trust that all good work is rewarded by God. Wait patiently for God's rewards. Refrain from anger and turn from wrath. No need to feel disappointed by others or seek what is rightfully to be returned by others to you.

Release and let go of all in the world, trusting that all's well will end well.

Love and light,


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