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Focusing On Positives

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Everyday of your life is full of positive things. There may be negative things there too, but you don't have to place your energy and attention about those things if you choose not to. Keep your focus on the positive.

If you keep yourself in the positive frame of mind, you'll even find that those things that you thought were negative have some positive hidden just beneath the surface. You don't even have to dig deep to find it sometimes. As you learn to keep your mind focused on the positive, those negative things will show their positive sides faster and faster in your mind.

Soon, you won't even have to work to focus on the positive. It's just where your mind will naturally go. Positive minded people can see the good in everyone and everything, regardless of what or who they face. It is not easy maybe at first to fine-tune and re-program your mind to focus on only the positive of everyone and everything.

Just to share with you, even I face this challenge all the time. I tend to be overly-critical of things and people and myself naturally, and this means that I tend to focus on what else is missing. This is a double edged sword, on one hand it means that we can achieve a lot more as we are able to see mistakes, flaws and rooms for improvement easily, but on the other hand, if we are not aware of how overly-critical we can become, it can turn us into a negative person.

For single people looking to find a relationship and for those who are struggling to maintain harmony within your existing relationship or marriage, focusing on the positive will really help you find yourself in a better place in relationships as you are able to see the good in everyone, not overly focus and fixate on the flaws of your partners and potential partners. Keeping a positive mind and attitude towards everything also allows you to draw in more opportunities to meet new people and become more able to attract new love into your life if that is what you are looking to work towards.

Hope this helps all of you.

Lots of love and light!


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