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Having A Daily Spiritual Practice

Having a daily spiritual practice is a beautiful habit to create, especially first thing in the morning, or whenever you can find spare time, as it really helps to set us up for a stronger, more focused and relaxed approach towards all that life throws at us during the day. It can be your guiding light to help you make decisions through the day and helps to align you to your deepest desires and life purpose based on your beliefs whether it is God or whatever else you call your spiritual compass to be. It also serves as a go-to for comfort as your daily practice, however you decide to practise it, can provide a lot of solace, calmness and peace within that we often require regularly and multiple times a day even.

Like a reliable friend our daily spiritual practice becomes, but better than a friend because we are learning to find our own anchor and support system from within ourselves, so that we are not constantly leaning on to others or pushing our anxiety and thoughts onto others and draining them.

It helps to ground us and steers us to our highest purpose. When you feel that all is lost in the world, you can always go back to your own spiritual practice to help find the inner calm and peace you need to stay positive, patient and productive with life.

Some ways you can carry out a daily practice includes:

  • prayer

  • exercise, yoga

  • positive self affirmations (telling yourself I am strong, I am positive, I am calm, I am happy... the words "I am" are so powerful as anything that comes after them will create a strong and lasting impact on yourself as you repeat them to yourself

  • breathing exercises

  • meditation

  • a walk in a park/beach/your neighbourhood

Hope this helps.



If you require 1-1 personal coaching on how to create and carry out a daily spiritual uplifting practice, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive your free initial discovery session to see how you can use our expertise to assist you to achieve the outcomes you desire.

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