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Maintaining A Sense of Wonder

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

How often do you look at life through the eyes of your inner child? When you were a young child and everything was new, you were more able to take in each fresh new experience without bias. You just observe the world around you and were open to what each new event could bring forth into your life.

As adults, we tend to lose this sense of wonder. Past experiences may have tainted the way we interpret, perceive and act towards new experiences. When you can acknowledge and release your old programming, you open the door to new possibilities and experiences. People or things that we may have judged or dismissed in the past, now become tantalising and pique our curiosity.

It is important for us all to try our best to clear away all negativity from past experiences and keep seeing the world and all new experiences with excitement and a sense of wonder. When we are able to operate and function from this place of openness to new concepts, ideas and experiences, we are able to invite great new things into our lives including new work, business opportunities, positive relationships, money, abundance, new friends, happiness, joy and great possibilities.

Hope this helps!

Love & light


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