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Preparing Yourself For Love

How many of us are looking for love but not actually prepared to receive it?

Why do I mean by this exactly you may ask....

An essential part of manifesting your soulmate is knowing that they are coming... actually truly believing that there is somebody out there for you and that he/she is actually on his/her way towards you. Why is this important? Because many of us still doubt that there is someone out there for us, or that we are good enough to be truly loved, or that we deserve to be loved fully by somebody else perhaps... When we walk around with the slightest bit of doubt in our minds that we may not find someone, we are radiating the feelings of being low in self esteem and lacking confidence and self worth and so it actually holds us back from manifesting our soulmate as others may feel that we are less attractive or ready for a relationship.

We may not have an exact date of when our future partner will arive, but we must fully believe that he/she will arrive when the time is right. There are many ways we can prepare ourselves to receive love. Sometimes, we are not even conscious that what we are doing or not doing is holding us back from inviting that love into our lives and hearts.

Are you comfortable of the idea of being in love? Do you truly feel and believe that you deserve love deep down? Did you experience abandonment or loss of a loved one while you were younger that really makes you not want to invite love into your life as you feel fear of loss of loved ones in the future?

Do you have doubts, fears or pains from past relationships that is still being held on and cannot be let go and thus doesn't allow you to fully believe in love and its existence and wonderful possibility to enter into your life? Do you need to release things to open up your heart to others again? Do you need to practise giving love to those that are your loved ones currently in front of you, such as your family, friends, pets, community?

Hope this helps.



If you require 1-1 personal coaching on how to manifest your soulmate, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive your free initial discovery session to see how you can use our expertise to assist you to achieve the outcomes you desire by working closely with your personal blockages to help you find love again.

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