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Whatever It Takes…

I am not here to sell you a dream… a perfect path with a bed of roses leading to a paradise… pursuing your dreams will mean sacrifices, short term pain from adjustments, transitory periods of lull, temporary setbacks, feeling lost…

You do it because you have a passion in life you want to pursue. The word ‘passion’ has its roots from the Latin word ‘pati’ which means to suffer. Yes, you will need to suffer for your passions.

Suffering means bearing some burdens and consequences of foregoing some existing comforts in the view of a higher ultimate return. Sometimes the final destination is not what you have imagined it to be, or may not necessarily be much better than the existing state of affairs in economic, monetary and tangible terms. However, it is the journey itself with its richness in experiences that makes it all worthwhile and bearable a suffering to have to continue the journey.

My personal experience has got me leaving my full-time relatively high-paying job in search of my dream life. Today, as it has only been less than 4 months after that turning point began, I sleep on my own couch in the living room of an apartment I rent out to strangers on Airbnb in a tough effort to make rental payments in one of the most expensive cities of Hong Kong. I made a commitment to myself to do whatever it takes to make things work and somehow lying on my own couch does not seem so bad at all…

It is after all temporary an arrangement, and a great motivator for me to work towards something soon… if life was too comfortable for me now, I would be complacent. Nothing drives someone harder than pure hunger and discomfort. And this is the mindset that I need to put myself in before the basic human survival instincts kick in and take over the psyche and physique to drive things forward towards the ultimate dreams and goals

No one who is not doing what you are doing will understand what you are going through, or why, or how you can keep going… but, it is the animal spirits within you that will keep you strong because you know more than anything else that it is all worth it as you look back on your mundane and unfulfilled life in the past and know that you have left that boat and would never get back on it again…

And what lies ahead of you are endless possibilities of life, experiences, people, opportunities, love and wonders… the small sacrifices you make everyday will pale in comparison to the vast richness of life that takes over your new self. Your heart will fill itself with all that it has ever wanted to spend time and energy on and before long, you will not remember how life used to be like before you have set on this journey. Day by day, you just keep waking up to head towards a new horizon that you never thought you could see but now seem to be within reach.

This is when you know you are on the right path…

It ain’t gonna be easy, but hey, if it was, you wouldn’t want it anyway, right?

At Dee Dream, I aim to help you overcome these hurdles as an experienced support group along with the other people that have gone through Dee Dream, the Dee Dreamers I would call them, and help you get on track and conquer all the obstacles to arrive at your dream life!

Til Next Time, Dee Dream

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Carlos V
Carlos V
Jul 04, 2022

Thank you for writting this

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